Quechup.com: How to launch and die simultaneously

By StrangeWork.com. Blogosphere chatter can make or break a new startup in this Web 2.0 world. Web startups are always looking for press to help promote their new site to the world, but bad press can quickly run a startup straight into the ground.
Quechup.com Logo
Quechup.com has accomplished just that. Apparently a few days after signing up Quechup will blast your address book with invites to their site, without asking your permission! The negative effect created from this shady practice is amazing.

A Google search for “Quechup” returns 9 results slamming Quechup for spamming. The only result that doesn’t pertain to spamming is the actual Quechup.com search result.

Startup Tip: Don’t spam PERIOD! Of course even the town idiot knows this, but apparently Quechup is another startup ran by clueless executives who have no real grasp of what the web is. I bet they are learning quick.