Keep Receipts Organized

By Do you shop online? Of course you do, who doesn’t these days? Welcome to the scene. Shoeboxed is a new startup with a pretty clever idea: organizing and tracking your online shopping receipts. Logo
After a quick registration Shoeboxed will provide you with an email address that you can use at online stores when you place orders or sign up for newsletters. Shoeboxed will then automatically organize any receipts, newsletters, and correspondence received from these websites.

Shoeboxed also allows you to create groups or “shoe boxes” for even more organization. What about my offline receipts you ask? No problem with a new feature just released allowing you to upload any receipts directly from your PC. Circle LogoShoeboxed is a very nice tool for the avid online shopper. Staying organized is a crucial component to life in general and is here to help.

What’s the easiest way for me to judge a startups chance of survival? Look at how happy their employees are.