Top Halloween Related Web 2.0 Sites

By As many of you know Halloween is my favorite holiday. The weather is perfectly chilled out, the fall leaves are coming down, and Jack-O-Lanterns are beginning to show up on doorsteps. I decided to set out on a mission to find the top Halloween related Web 2.0 sites.

I’ve followed for many years hoping that someone with any kind of web sense would buy that domain and make something of it. This hasn’t happened yet as you can see, so I began my search for other sites.

Top Social Network – Sinister Space (
Visit is an online social networking community geared towards those interested in horror and goth. Similar to MySpace and Friendster, the site is targeted to Halloween enthusiasts and does not allow members under 18 years of age. is still very new, having launched just 2 months ago, but they seem to have a strong user base already.

Top Message Board – Halloween Forum (
Visit is the largest Halloween related Message Board with 6,000 members and over 230,000 posts. General Halloween and Props appear to be the more active sections of the forum. Where else could you create a post requesting 4 sets of small hands?

Top Mashup – Halloween Mashup (
Visit launched last year just before Halloween and that appears to be the last time it was updated. There isn’t much to this site, but it is a mashup none the less. uses Google Maps to plot local Halloween parties, displays Yahoo Halloween related news headlines, and displays Flickr photos tagged as Halloween Costumes. I would love to see this site expand as there is so much more that could be plugged into the mashup.

Top Halloween Blog – Ghost Droppings (
Visit posts are as unique as their name. Recent topics have ranged from Brain-Eating Amoebas to installing a window in your coffin. Be sure to view their Devil’s Almanac containing an archive of interesting horror related dates and events. Updated frequently with bizarre and interesting stories.

Hopefully the above sites will fill your need for Halloween Communities during this Spooky Halloween Season. If you know of any great sites that I’ve missed please share in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you!