Easily Increase Site Traffic Using StumbleUpon.com

By StrangeWork.com: Looking for an easy way to boost site traffic? Look no further than StumbleUpon.com. StumbleUpon is a browsing tool for sharing and discovering great websites based on keywords that you find interesting.

StumbleUpon.com LogoSimply install the toolbar and click Stumble to view high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. StumbleUpon also gives you the ability to rate websites you like or dislike. By giving a site you enjoy a thumbs up, you enter that site into the StumbleUpon directory. This allows others users who are stumbling under the same keywords as your site the chance of viewing the page you stumbled.

The amazing part is it actually works! On Wednesday my post 10 Reasons why I’m buying a 2nd Generation Zune over any Apple iPod hit StumbleUpon. Since then I have received over 2,000 unique hits to that post from StumbleUpon users. Amazing!

StumbleUpon recently made some updates to its toolbar that shows website ratings next to search results in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Windows Live.

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StumbleUpon.com is an amazing resource for web developers and a great way to find interesting sites.