Zune Originals: Microsofts big secret for ZDay

By StrangeWork.com: Well just when we all thought ZDay (Zune Day) would come and go with no surprises, ZuneScene.com has leaked some new information.
Zune Logo
Rumor has it that Microsoft will be announcing Zune Originals on Tuesday. People who order their Zune from Zune.net, will have the added bonus of being able to customize their zune. Customization options include color, up to five lines of custom text, and the choice of 25 preset logos that they can have etched into their Zune prior to delivery. There will be no added cost, but it is only available through Zune.Net.

Is it true? No one knows for sure but apparently Microsoft does own ZuneOriginals.com and ZuneOriginals.net which currently only displays a Zune logo. This throws my Zune buying plans for a loop as I’ll now have to wait and see if the rumors are true. If so it looks like I’ll be ordering my Zune from Zune.net.