WordPress MU Aggregator Plugin

By Strangework.com: I’m excited to announce the release of my first WordPress plugin, the WordPress MU Aggregator Plugin.

This plugin will display the most recent posts from all blogs in a WordPress MU network. The Aggregator only returns blogs updated in the last 30 days.

Created for WordPress MU 1.5.1


  • Supports permalinks, non-friendly links (querystrings), or a mixture of both
  • Pulls new posts directly from the database, not an RSS feed
  • Main WordPress MU install is not displayed in the list
  • Style-less to allow for easy implementation in any theme.
  • Easy to read comments for easy edits and styling
  • More features and sidebar widgets coming soon

Step 1.
Unzip the file and upload wordpressMU-aggregator.php to your WordPress plugin folder.

Step 2.
Active the plugin in your WordPress Admin section under the plugins menu

Step 3.
Insert this code:

<php wp_mu_aggregator(10); ?>

Anywhere in your theme. That’s it! Change the number to alter how many posts are returned.

Download: WordPress MU Aggregator Plugin v0.5

Please comment with any bugs, comments, feature requests, or hate mail!