Gillmor Gang and my Twitter Bridge

By Today I joined Steve Gillmor on his IT podcast The Gillmor Gang to talk about my new Twitter Bridge! Also on the show were Marc Canter (Broadband Mechanics), Evan Prodromou (, and Kevin Marks (Google).

Gillmor Gang IT Podcast LogoOn Monday I decided to make the switch to full time, but to do this I needed a way to post messages from to my Twitter account. After searching for a solution that would fit my needs for a bit I decided to just create one, thus the Twitter Bridge was born.

Steve Gillmor registered shortly after the application launched. I didn’t know at the time, but Steve hadn’t updated Twitter in over a month. Now he was sending all of his updates to Twitter. Steve was pretty vocal about his thoughts on the app, which was great. As a developer I always want to hear feedback on applications I build and launch. Having someone at Steve’s level review an application I created was a real treat! Microblogging LogoI joined in the later half of the show and talked about my application, how it works, and where it is going. I also spoke on some new features that will be implemented, including the option to disable @replies on posts to Twitter. Steve isn’t a fan of this feature (bug as he calls it) and decided to deactivate his account. I respect Steve’s decision, but as a developer I have to give the users some flexibility with options. Not all users are the same, so I have always programmed to please the majority.

Steve also mentioned he is in the early stages of organizing a Microblogging conference and extended an invitation to me! I think a central gathering of techies to help define what Microblogging is and where it needs to go in the future is an excellent idea! I also hope they have developer specific sessions as well, and if so I’ll probably submit to be a panel member of some sort.