Custom Post Type UI Plugin for WordPress

A few days ago I released a new plugin for WordPress called Custom Post Type UI. This plugin allows you to easily create custom post types in WordPress without writing a single line of code!

Using custom post types is the future of WordPress and really opens the software up to be a full fledged Content Management System (CMS). For example if you are building a website for a car dealer you could create a post type for Cars. A business directory could have a post type for Businesses. A movie database could have a post type for Movies, Actors, and Directors. I think you get the idea. Post types are a very powerful feature in WordPress and my new plugin helps you take advantage of the power!

Below are some screenshots showing the plugin in action:

Easily create new custom post types

New custom post type is automatically added to your admin menu

Easily view and edit existing custom post types

This plugin is a little different than my other plugins because it is primary built for WordPress 3.0, which hasn’t been officially released yet. You can however install WordPress 3.0-alpha very easily using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin created by Peter Westwood.

All custom post types are saved as a single WordPress option in the database keeping this plugin very lightweight. A future version will include creating custom taxonomies for custom post types. I hope this plugin will be rolled into the Core WordPress software at some point, but until then the Custom Post Type UI does the trick!