DradCast Episode One is Tonight!

The DradCast, a new WordPress focused podcast hosted by Dre Armeda and myself, kicks off tonight with episode one! The new show will be a weekly podcast every Wednesday night at 8pm Eastern time. Dre and I have put together a really fun show format that is different from the other WordPress podcasts out there.

DradCast WordPress Podcast logoEach week we’ll feature a new guest host on the show. The host will bring some topics that interest them to discuss. We’ll also cover any WordPress topics that are particularly important that week. Think of the DradCast show format similar to SNL, where the guest host is the highlight of the show with Dre and I as the supporting cast.

If you are interested in being a guest host on the show, fill out our guest host request form. Be sure to tune in tonight at 8pm Eastern for the inaugural episode of the DradCast with special guest host Cory Miller!