Blogging in 2018

Another year gone by, which means it’s the perfect time to reflect on my goals for this new year. I always set some New Year’s Resolutions, as I think most of us do, but more times than not I seem to fall short. One of those areas is blogging. I really want to get back into a blogging routine, but have struggled the past few years. Rather than set hard goals for a blogging quota, my resolution is to click Publish more than I have lately. That’s it, nice and simple. Just click Publish!

New Blog Design

After years of my old design I decided to change things up a bit for 2018. I just activated a new WordPress theme for my blog, which is now running the Fixed theme from Array Themes. A number of people recommended Array Themes on Twitter and so I far I can totally see why. The design is clean, the code looks solid, and overall it’s a nice experience.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more regular blog posts as we kick off this new year!