I Want to Review Your Products and Services for Charity!

TL;DR If you donate $50 USD to the Child’s Play Charity I will give your plugin, theme, product, or service a professional review!

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time of year to give back! Every year my company, WebDevStudios, has a charity drive where we raise money for one or more charities through a company competition.

Child’s Play Charity Logo

This year we are raising money for a charity called Child’s Play Charity. They focus on improving the lives of kids by donating toys and games to children’s hospitals worldwide. Our company goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of the month. You can read more about our charity drive on the Official WebDevStudios Blog.

In an effort to help increase contributions I came up with an idea. I receive a number of requests to review people’s products, so this is your opportunity to make that happen! If you donate $50 to the Child’s Play Charity I will give your plugin, theme, product, or service a professional review. This includes testing out your product, reviewing how it works, peaking under the hood at the code (if necessary), and providing my honest feedback on what I think works and what doesn’t. I will even give your product a nice shout-out on Twitter

Here how it works:

  • Donate $50 USD to our Child’s Play Charity Fundraiser page
  • Send me a copy of your receipt on my contact form
  • I will reach out via email to gather all relevant info for the product or service to start my review
  • Once completed (within a week or so) I will contact you to schedule a 30-minute phone call to discuss my thoughts and recommendations about your product or service
  • That’s it!

Why should you do this? Easy, it’s for a great cause! If that isn’t enough to inspire you to donate then check out my credentials! I am the Co-founder and CEO of one of the oldest WordPress focused design and development agencies, WebDevStudios. I also Co-authored some of the highest rated WordPress development books ever: Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development. I’m also a father, husband, and US Marine.

Christmas is a time of giving and I hope you will take me up on this offer to help a really great Charity this year. I hope to hear from you soon!