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Best banner ad ever!

I was surfing a site tonight and saw this ad displayed: so of COURSE the inner geek in me told me to click this ad, and guess where it took me…….to a University of Phoenix form allowing me to sign up for information on College classes! Whoever came up with that idea deserves a FAT […]

RSS feeds are a necessity

Why don’t more sites offer RSS feeds? I’m completely amazed by the number of sites lacking an RSS feed. Do you not want your content to get out there? Do you not want more traffic to your site? Why would you not syndicate your articles? I know the most common excuse to this question: “We […]

Good and Bad Computer Karma

I’ve always felt there is computer karma. Some people are born with good computer karma and some with bad computer karma. There are certain people who are the black sheeps in the computer world. No matter what they do they just have bad luck with computers. These are the users who manage to get errors […]

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Brad Williams is a computer programmer and tech junkie who enjoys exploring technology and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.


CEO of WebDevStudiosMaintainn, and Pluginize. Co-author of Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development.


Brad resides in Philadelphia.


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