Travelocity refuses to reimburse for unsafe/filthy hotel

By After a recent trip to Charlotte, NC I can say that I will NEVER use Travelocity again. We made reservations to stay at the Ramada Inn next to the airport in Charlotte through Travelocity. The hotel had many flaws including moldiness, broken doors, stains everywhere, disgusting old sheets/blankets, and was located in an unsafe area of town. We asked for another room which had even more problems. After 5 minutes in our second room we decided to leave for another hotel.

After our trip my girlfriend contacted Travelocity for a refund, which they refused to give. Travelocity’s cancellation policy states:

“Once you have checked into a hotel you cannot cancel or receive credit for unused nights if you check out early”

So if you check in to a hotel and enter your room to find a rabid dog snacking on a fresh carcass it’s too late for Travelocity to issue you a refund on your reservation. That’s quality customer satisfaction with a smile isn’t it? That is why I have cancelled my Travelocity account and will NEVER use them again. End rant.