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AlternaGeek Podcast Interview

I had the honor of being a guest on the podcast last night! AlternaGeek is a technology and media podcast and blog network for the tech power user and enthusiast. The show is hosted by linuxchick, techmonkey, and code ninja. logo
Download AlternaGeek Podcast Episode 8

We had a really fun hour discussing everything from Web 2.0 startups to some of my personal projects including and If you haven’t listened to their podcast before it’s a great show so be sure to check them out! TV 2.0

Welcome to TV 2.0. Welcome to So what is Joost? Joost is a new startup created by the guys who started Kazaa and Skype. logo
Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet.

Joost basically turns a PC into an on-demand TV without any need for additional equipment. Joost currently features hundreds of pre-recorded shows available to watch. While they are still in beta mode, Joost just announced passing the 1 million member mark earlier this month.

Internet TV sites are showing up all over the net, but with 150 developers and major funding is most likely to dominate this market.

How To: Return an Xbox 360 for repairs

If you read my post Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death, you know my Xbox has recently died. I got motivated today and called Xbox support to start the process of returning my Xbox for repairs. Here is a quick guide outlining the steps I took to get my Xbox repaired.
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death image
Step 1: Call Microsoft Xbox support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269)

Step 2: Get a support specialist on the line. Go through their basic troubleshooting steps to determine your Xbox is indeed broke.

Step 3: Microsoft will send a pre-paid UPS box for your Xbox to be shipped in. Make sure you write your reference number on the side of your Xbox before sending it off.

Step 4: Remove all attachments from your Xbox including your hard drive and face plate.

Step 5: Send your Xbox to Microsoft in the UPS package and wait for a refurb to arrive.

The support tech said the normal turn around time is 4-6 weeks. I have a feeling that wait time is going to increase dramatically when Halo 3 launches in September.

It’s too bad we have to do this, but at least Microsoft has stepped up to the plate to cover these repairs. Got Cash?

A friend of mine sent me an invite to a couple days ago. Moola takes game sites to a new level. logo

Real Cash. Free to Play

Skeptical? So was I. Moola is pretty straight forward. You start out with ONE shiny penny! Now you have to wager your new shiny penny for a shot at TWO pennies! You then play simple flash based games like Ro Sham Bo and Hi Lo.

Each level you reach allows you to wager your entire stack against someone. There are currently 30 levels and the top payout is $10 million.

To date Moola has paid out $3,228,651 to players.

What’s the catch you ask? Between each round you have to watch a 15 second commercial and answer a question about the commerical you just watched.

Overall is fun to try. If your into gambling you will probably enjoy this site, if not it’s fun to visit on occasion. Free money is good right? Share Beta Invitations

With the recent onslaught of invitation only beta sites popping up, it’s nice to find a site to help you get the invitations you want. does just that. logo
InviteShare is a very simple concept. If you want an invitation to a particular site, simply add your name to the waiting list. If you have invitations for a particular site, send them to people on the waiting list. It’s really that easy!

InviteShare launched on July 8th, 2007 and shortly thereafter was up for sell on SitePoint. TechCrunch, the popular tech blog, purchased InviteShare for a smooth $25,000.

There seems to be no end to invitation only beta sites (pownce, joost, grandcentral, moola, etc) but InviteShare is here to make life just a little easier! CSS Anthology Book

There is nothing quite as magical as seeing a package on your door step after work. Yesterday I received my new SitePoint book The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks.
CSS Anthology Book
What great timing too! I’ve been working on increasing my knowledge of CSS for some new projects I’ve been working on. With just my initial flip through of the book I can already tell this book is jam packed with valuable knowledge.

SitePoint has an entire line of well written books covering everything from web design to developing database driven web applications.

It’s always a challenge to stay ahead of the technology curb, but Sitepoint is helping make that challenge a little easier. – The next big thing

Trying to find the next big startup before it explodes into the mainstream? Enjoy discovering and testing new beta sites? Then is for you! logo is a user driven internet startups community.

Anyone has the ability to create a new account and submit any new startup they would like. A member of the staff will then review roughly 30 new startups a day for listing in their directory. New sites are voted on in a Digg style up/down voting process making it very easy to filter out the smaller sites.

The Top Ten List is a great way to see what types of startups are really taking off. I often use this site for design inspiration for new websites I am developing.

Investors/advertisers love finding new sites to work with and they love Put this site on your list of easy and free ways to promote your new startup!

Cherries and Berries

It amazes me that a cop doing 75 in FRONT of me can give me a ticket for doing 65 behind him.

Indianapolis Cop – Backup 2.0

Welcome to Backup 2.0! enters the online backup world with a nice 2.0 twist: Community! logo

Yuntaa means alternative. An alternative way to backup, store, share and access everything you have on your computer today

Alternative huh? Alrighty, how so? Yuntaa allows members to share their files with buddies or make them publicly available. Members can also create digital photo albums, slideshows, and play videos. These are great features and I’m sure we can expect more in the near future.

Yuntaa is currently in beta mode and offering free 1GB storage accounts to new members. You can pay for more space as always, but the 1GB is enough to help you get a feel for their services.

While surfing a few weeks back I began watching one of their featured shows Startup Weekend. is a fairly simple idea: logo

Have you ever wondered what a group of highly talented and motivated people could accomplish in a weekend? Could they start a company from concept to completion?

Good question. The first StartupWeekend took place in Boulder, Colorado. 68 attendees worked for three straight days to develop Unfortunately was not completed in time and has yet to launch.

Regardless of this setback, the StartupWeekend team made a valiant attempt at doing what most companies spend months or even years on. To date they have 6 more startup weekends planned all over the country. I look forward to seeing where these weekends will take us!