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301 Permanent Redirect using ASP

By I’ve been using my search engine optimization skills on a few different sites recently. The Democrats for Monmouth County website is my current challenge. One of the main challenges I faced was converting the old ugly links over to the new SEO friendly links without losing placement in the search results.

Link conversion example
Old URL:

New URL:

To keep your existing search engine rank, use a Permanent 301 Redirect to force the spiders to the new link. Simply add the below code to the top of your ASP script:

Response.Status=”301 Moved Permanently”
Response.AddHeader “Location”, “/contact”

Easy as that! Google, Yahoo, and the rest of the search engines will update your site links in their index without penalizing the new link.

TechCrunch40 Conference Starts Today

By The TechCrunch40 conference kicks off today in San Francisco. Logo

TechCrunch40 is a conference put together by internet drama king Jason Calacanis. They have selected 40 of the hottest startups to demo their products to a panel of experts over a 2 day period.

TechCrunch40 also has a DemoPit allowing an additional 100 startups to show of their goods to potential investors. One choosen startup will receive a cool $50,000 as well as additional goodies from their corporate sponsors.

Once again Calacanis has gone against the norm by making this conference completely free for all startups involved. I can only hope that next year I can make it to this event. Imagine, someone not trying to profit from startups. Amazing!

Favorite Technology Podcasts

By I’m addicted to podcasts, there I said it. Admission is the first step right? Right! For those of you not familiar with podcasts, here is a quick explanation.

Wikipedia definition: A podcast is a digital media file, or a series of such files, that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers.

My definition: A podcast is a downloadable online radio show.

Podcasts are a great way to stay current on any topic your interested in. Of course I only listen to technology related podcasts, but podcasts exist for just about any topic.

Below is a list of my favorite technology related podcasts:

1. TWiT Network – Founded by the former host of TechTV’s The Screen Savers Leo Laporte, This Week in Tech (TWiT for short) is the leading technology podcasting network in the world. TWiT offers an abundance of technology netcasts including This Week in Tech, The Tech Guy, net@nite, and many more!

2. Cranky Geeks – Hosted by John C. Dvorak, Cranky Geeks is a weekly video podcast focusing on the top tech news. Dvorak is joined by many different leading innovators in the tech industry each episode.

Mini Podcasts – I classify the next three podcasts as mini podcasts because their run time is typically under 5 minutes per episode.

3. TeXtra – Hosted by Natali Del Conte, TeXtra is a technology news video podcast. The episodes are short and sweet, yet still manage to nail the top tech news headlines each episode.

4. GeekBrief.TV – A technology news and gadget review video podcast hosted by Cali Lewis. The show boasts they are “fast, fun, fresh and flirty”, and that is exactly what it is! Very enjoyable!

5. WebbAlert – Hosted by G4’s Morgan Webb, WebbAlert is the newcomer on the scene. Just a few weeks old, WebbAlert has already made a big impact on the video podcast scene. Morgan brings the humor and charm were all used to seeing and delivers a great technology headline video podcast.

It’s always good to stay current with technology news and podcasts are the best way to do that! If you haven’t listened to any of these shows give them a shot. You won’t be disappointed. Monthly Web 2.0 Goodies Logo
By Do you wish you could get some cool Web 2.0 merchandise, but don’t live anywhere near a coastline? No problem thanks to a new site

StartupSchwag is basically a Web 2.0 t-shirt of the month club. For a small fee of $19.55, which includes the standard $14.95 fee and $4.60 for shipping, you will receive a Silicon Valley related t-shirt and probably a bunch of random stickers, chochkis, etc. At this time the t-shirt is the only guaranteed item each month.

This is a great service for web enthusiasts such as myself that live far away from all of the Web 2.0 action. I signed up and should be receiving my first t-shirt sometime in October. Who doesn’t like to see a package on their doorstep after work with mystery Web 2.0 gear inside? Keep Receipts Organized

By Do you shop online? Of course you do, who doesn’t these days? Welcome to the scene. Shoeboxed is a new startup with a pretty clever idea: organizing and tracking your online shopping receipts. Logo
After a quick registration Shoeboxed will provide you with an email address that you can use at online stores when you place orders or sign up for newsletters. Shoeboxed will then automatically organize any receipts, newsletters, and correspondence received from these websites.

Shoeboxed also allows you to create groups or “shoe boxes” for even more organization. What about my offline receipts you ask? No problem with a new feature just released allowing you to upload any receipts directly from your PC. Circle LogoShoeboxed is a very nice tool for the avid online shopper. Staying organized is a crucial component to life in general and is here to help.

What’s the easiest way for me to judge a startups chance of survival? Look at how happy their employees are. How to launch and die simultaneously

By Blogosphere chatter can make or break a new startup in this Web 2.0 world. Web startups are always looking for press to help promote their new site to the world, but bad press can quickly run a startup straight into the ground. Logo has accomplished just that. Apparently a few days after signing up Quechup will blast your address book with invites to their site, without asking your permission! The negative effect created from this shady practice is amazing.

A Google search for “Quechup” returns 9 results slamming Quechup for spamming. The only result that doesn’t pertain to spamming is the actual search result.

Startup Tip: Don’t spam PERIOD! Of course even the town idiot knows this, but apparently Quechup is another startup ran by clueless executives who have no real grasp of what the web is. I bet they are learning quick.

Streaming Indianapolis Colts Tailgating Live Today!

Today marks the kickoff for the 2007 NFL season and the defending Superbowl Champion Indianapolis Colts take on the New Orleans Saints. I launched last year with a friend and to celebrate the 2007 season kickoff we are live streaming Colts tailgating today starting at 1pm ET!

We are streaming via I’ve embedded the video for easy viewing:

How To: Move a WordPress Blog to a New Hosting Account

By So you’ve decided to move your WordPress blog to a new hosting account, but need to know the proper steps to accomplish the transfer seamlessly. WordPress does have some tools available to help you move your blog, but I’m going to show you a much simpler approach.

I’ve broken this tutorial down so even a novice user can understand the steps involved.

Export your entire WordPress database using phpMyAdmin.

1. Login to cPanel on your OLD hosting account. Your login credentials should have been supplied to you when you created your hosting account.
2. Click the MySQL Databases icon listed on your cPanel home screen.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the phpMyAdmin link.
4. Click the Databases link and select your WordPress blog database. The default naming convention is username_wrdp1.
5. Click the Check All link to select all of your WordPress tables.
6. Click the Export link at the top of the page to export your data.
7. Verify that SQL export is selected and click the Go button to export your database into a SQL file.

This will generate a textbox containing all of the SQL code you need to recreate your WordPress database. Copy this code to a textfile on your computer and save it. You will need it later.

Install WordPress on your new hosting account
Next you need to install WordPress on your new hosting account. The easiest way to do this is using Fantastico, which is a typical component of cPanel.

1. Login to cPanel on your NEW hosting account.
2. Click the Fantastico icon listed on your cPanel home screen.
3. Click the WordPress link under Blogs to begin the WordPress installation.
4. Click New Installation and fill out the required installation information.
5. Install WordPress

Import your WordPress data in to your new WordPress installation
Now we need to import the SQL code from earlier into your new WordPress database

1. Login to cPanel on your NEW hosting account. Your login credentials should have been supplied to you when you created your hosting account.
2. Click the MySQL Databases icon listed on your cPanel home screen.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the phpMyAdmin link.
4. Click the Databases link and select your WordPress blog database. The default naming convention is username_wrdp1.
5. Click the Check All link to select all of your WordPress tables.
6. Select Drop from the With Selected drop down list.
7. Confirm you want to delete the selected tables. These tables are from your new installation of WordPress and contain no data.
8. Click the SQL link at the top of the page
9. Copy and paste the SQL code from earlier in to the SQL textbox and click Go to execute the query.

Your data has now been imported in to your new WordPress database on your new hosting account.

Copy themes and components to your new hosting account
Your database has all of your settings saved and knows what components and themes you have installed. Simply copy the themes and plugins folder (located in wp-content) over to your new hosting account and your all set!

Blog is moving

By I’m working on moving my WordPress blog over to my new hosting account. The blog might be up and down over the next few days as I work to transfer WordPress and the domain propagates to the new hosting account.